Class of 2010

This proposal seeks to provide an outline of the terms of engagement for the Strathmore School Class of 2010 Bursary Fund at the Eastlands College of Technology (ECT). Following a successful pilot year in 2017, in which KES 24,000 has been raised by 2017 Q3, it is the general feeling among participants that a lot more can be done to ensure that the fund gains significant scale.
The current arrangement involves each participant contributing KES 1,000 per quarter towards the
fund. However, concerns were raised regarding the lack of flexibility of this arrangement as different
benefactors’ circumstances had not been considered. It was therefore suggested that a more flexible
plan be formulated that captures the different circumstances of different benefactors.
Below are details of the proposed bursary fund arrangements:
1. Annual Target
The expected fund level as at the end of 2017 is KES 32,000. In light of this, it would be appropriate to
set an annual fund contribution target. This target may be set by applying a percentage growth factor
or by adding an arbitrary amount to the previous year’s contribution. Further discussions will be done
with all participants to establish the most appropriate criteria to use.
Below is a table showing different targets obtained by different growth factors:

Expected 2017 32,000
5% Growth 33,600
10% Growth 35,200
20% Growth 38,400
30% Growth 41,600
50% Growth 48,000

These considerations should be done keeping in mind individual benefactors’ career prospects going
2. Sponsorship Packages
It is proposed that sponsorship levels can be implemented that will provide the flexibility needed to
provide an all-inclusive framework. Below is a summary of proposed sponsorship packages for
individual benefactors:

Package 1:
Package 2:
Package 3:
Monthly 700 400 200
Quarterly 2,000 1,000 500
Semi Annual 3,900 1,900 900
Annual 7,600 3,600 1,600

The amounts included in the table above are minimum contribution amounts and each individual
benefactor is at liberty to contribute more than pledged if they feel sufficiently philanthropic.
For corporate sponsorships, separate arrangements may be made on a case by case basis.

3. Payment Methods
Payments to the fund can be done in any of the following ways:
i) Direct deposit to the ECT Endowment Fund bank account.
ii) M-Pesa or cash payment to the Strathmore School Class of 2010 Bursary Fund administrator,
who will later deposit the money through method (i) above.
4. Proposed Launch Date
Following discussions held in 2017, it was proposed that an event be held at ECT to officially launch
the bursary fund. The suggested time was March 2018. Further discussions will be held to select a
specific date.