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The Micro-entrepreneurship course also known as Informal Sector Business Institute (ISBI) is a Grassroots Business Organization (GBO) sponsored by Strathmore Educational Trust and the Educational Initiatives Trust, Public Charitable Trusts incorporated in Kenya to promote educational initiatives.

The clients of ISBI are mostly micro-entrepreneurs who have been in business for some time, although starters have also attended the courses and are always encouraged to take the training.

Vision: Informal Sector Business Institute aspires to be a leading institution providing Business Development Services in the country to micro-entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector.

Mission Statement: Informal Sector Business Institute dedicates itself to:

Provide outstanding informal training.

Promote the greatest possible perfection in all spheres of human life.

Foster excellence, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and integrity.


Above: ISBI poster

Core Principles: The institute seeks to serve and partner with entrepreneurs, companies and industry and with other institutions
that share its vision. In carrying out its mission, the institute will be guided by the following:

Offering Market-based courses. ISBI offers a variety of training programs which are relevant to the needs of the market and so useful in the country’s economic growth.

Participatory approach to learning. Adopt a competitive student/staff ratio to encourage interactive learning through the use of case studies, self-learning tutorials and discussions.

Christian and human virtues in business. We believe that training in human virtues helps not only the formation of the person concerned but also leads to a positive ripple effect in the society. Such training is important in fighting corruption and teaching people how to work well.

Team effort. To effectively work in the micro-enterprise sector, we believe in joining our efforts with those of other organizations. This will enable the sharing of experiences and working on ways to improve services offered.


Above: John Kimani ISBI lecturer

Knowledge is power. All our constituents need to be adequately informed in order to effectively carry out their work. Thus there is need for relevant training and dissemination of information that could be useful to the micro entrepreneurs.

Efforts should be fully dedicated. Consistent with the strategic mission, urgent timing, and significant goals of reaching many entrepreneurs, we believe sufficient human resources should be dedicated to the task.

The course outline is majorly Basic Business Training which equips the student with business management skills to run micro enterprises. The course runs for 20 hours every 2 days of the week; and the certificate of attendance is issued upon successful completion of the training. In this course, seminars are organized on areas of interest to the entrepreneurs. The seminars cover the following topics:

Legal compliance

Cash management practices

Marketing techniques

Application of IT in their businesses

Business planning

Expansion strategies