Automotive Engineering


Who can study Automotive Technology?

Anyone with a passion in automotive design, repair maintenance and assembly. The student should have a desire to innovate the rising  motor vehicle design industry in Kenyan and East African market

Why Automotive Technology?

To gain the necessary skills and experience required to tap into the growing automotive industry in Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

Why Study Automotive Engineering at Eastlands College of Technology?

Eastlands College of Technology has partnered with Simba Colt to train students under Dual Training System (DTS). This will involve training of students both in college and at the industries. Eastlands College of Technology will increase the employability potential of the students as they will gain one and a half years of industry experience by completion of their studies.

Carrier Opportunities in Automotive Engineering

Self employment in motor vehicle repair and maintenance. Students are encouraged to take advantage of growing motor vehicle industry such as the public service industry and ever increasing personal vehicles.

Work in motor vehicle dealers such as Simba Colt Corp, automotive garages, vehicle assembly plants among other entities which provide the same or related task.